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    Dynamic Frame & Board Footrest (EDFABF)

    R573,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    This footrest increases comfort and decreases fatigue by redistributing body weight for healthier positioning of the spine and legs.

    Ergo Anywhere Laptop Stand - plus USB hub (ERGOAP)

    R582,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    A stylish, height adjustable, compact, lightweight and portable stand to place laptops, tablets or books in an ergonomic position.

    Ergo Anywhere Laptop Stand (ERGOA)

    R303,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    A slim, portable, height adjustable, lightweight laptop stand to place laptops, tablets or books in an ergonomic position.

    Ergonomic Saddle Chair (EDSC)

    R3 069,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    The saddle chair will transform the way you view chairs. Using a saddle chair is a great way to address your posture and core stability. It is a versatile chair that can be used at your desk or your workbench.

    Flat Seat Sit-Stand Wobble Stool (WOBBLE-FLT)

    R2 912,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    Height-adjustable standing desk stool that makes sitting fun & active. Burn calories, rock and move around. Great for home and office.

    FLEXISPOT F7B Single Monitor Mount (FF7B)

    R1 095,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    A monitor mount is a supportive bracket or arm designed to hold up a computer monitor, laptop, notebook or other display screen.

    Flexispot M2B On-Desk Sit-Stand Workstation – 35″ (FM2B)

    R6 260,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    Electric desks make it easy to alter your position from sitting to standing, raising and lowering the desk smoothly, safely and effortlessly at the touch of a switch.

    Flexispot M7B Sit-Stand Standing Desk Converter (FM7B)

    R3 912,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    Transform your traditional desk into an active sit-stand workstation with the 28” M7B desk riser from Flexispot.

    Height Adjustable Footrest (EDHAF)

    R677,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    The Ergonomics Direct height adjustable footrest is unique due to the above-average height that can be achieved.

    Single Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame (ET114E)

    R4 782,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    Loctek Sit-Stand desks are designed to provide users with affordable, sit stand flexibility. These height adjustable desks enable the user to effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing.

    Soho Back Support (SOHO)

    R869,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    Having poor posture when seated or sitting for long periods of time can lead to muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in the back and shoulders.

    WorkEZ Light Laptop Stand (WELILS)

    R738,00 excluding VAT and shipping
    A simple, lightweight and compact stand that holds laptops, tablets and books in a more comfortable position.

    Ergonomics Direct

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