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    Ear & Eye Protection

    Ear And Eye Protection

    Eye Safety Glasses

    When it comes to workplace eye protection, safety goggles are a must-have accessory. Safety goggles form a tight seal around the eye area, protecting the wearer from harmful particles such as dust, mist, and flying debris. They can be kept in place with an adjustable head strap to ensure anyone can use them when required.

    Ear Defenders

    Whether you simply require passive ear protection to block out harmful sounds or more sophisticated protection that allows for effective communication as well, we have what you need. Ear protectors are ideal to protect your ears in high noise environments and they adjust with ease. These ear protectors are ideal for warehouse, construction sites and industrial work spaces, they are easy to adjust and clean when needed.

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    Ear Muffs - TOOE502

    From R46,00 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Suitable for machining, grinding, steel cutting and woodwork
  • High visibility red cups and black band
  • Adjustable rotation cap for secure fit
  • For use under hard hat or around neck
  • Item delivery usually within 2 weeks
  • Safety Goggles - Clear - TOOG727A

    From R22,89 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Clear polycarbonate mono lens
  • Face contact area designed for comfort and seal
  • Scratch resistant lens
  • Ergonomic design
  • 14 mm Elasticated and adjustable cotton knit headband
  • Item delivery usually within 2 weeks
  • Safety Spectacles - Clear - TOOG727_SM

    From R25,42 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Transparent lens
  • Rubber nose pad for comfort over long-time wear
  • Ergonomic design to fit snug with the face contour
  • Compatible with respiratory equipment
  • Item delivery usually within 2 weeks