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    Vehicle Tyre Inflation

    Vehicle Tyre Inflation

    Tyre Inflator

    Tyre inflators hold immense importance as essential tools for vehicle maintenance. They offer convenience and safety by allowing motorists to maintain the correct tire pressure easily. Proper tire pressure not only ensures optimal fuel efficiency, but it also enhances handling, braking, and overall road safety. Tyre inflators are particularly invaluable during emergencies, enabling drivers to address sudden deflation and prevent accidents. In addition, they contribute to extended tire lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and environmental waste.

    Air Compressor Kit

    Air compressor kits are indispensable tools that find wide applications across various industries and personal use scenarios. They provide a portable source of compressed air that can power pneumatic tools, inflate tires, and perform a multitude of tasks. In automotive maintenance, these kits facilitate quick and efficient tire inflation, ensuring safety and optimal fuel efficiency. They are also vital in construction and woodworking, where they power nail guns, sanders, and spray guns, enhancing productivity and precision.

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    Inflating Gun - Tyre Inflator - Pneumatic - PAB1204

    From R351,90 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Suitable for inflating car tyres, bicycle tyres, air beds, inflatables and balls
  • DIY
  • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days