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    Hand Protection

    Hand Protection

    Safety Gloves

    When working with potentially harmful substances, lifting heavy loads, or cutting materials, hand protection is required to provided safety to the individual carrying out the task. It is critical that the appropriate type of hand proetcting equipment is chosen to provide the desired level of protection required. Our safety gloves are manufactured to be durable and resistant to multiple substances ensuring you get the best use out of them. .

    Gardening and Disposable Gloves

    We offer high-quality gardening gloves that are both highly functional and of high quality and durability. Men and women's gloves, as well as children's and infant's gloves, are all available in a variety of styles and colors. Maintain the cleanliness and safety of your hands while planting or moving items around in your garden space.Disposable gloves are another option for individuals that require a new pair for every use, they are lightweight and easy to put on and dispose of when no longer needed.

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    Candy Stripe Workers Gloves - Wrist - TOOG725A

    From R56,93 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • This glove is designed for the use of staff that are welding
  • It prevents the hands from getting burnt
  • Wrist length
  • Cotton
  • Item delivery usually within 2 weeks
  • Cotton Knit Gloves - Wrist - TOOG753

    From R13,46 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Cotton
  • Wrist gloves
  • Item delivery usually within 2 weeks
  • Disposable Deli Glove - Gloves for Cooking, Cleaning, Hair Dye, Food Handling - One Size Fits Most - Pack of 100

    From R9,20 incl VAT excluding shipping equates to R0,09 per 1 unit
    • Made from transparent materials, these gloves are powder-free, non-sterile, and gentle on the skin
    • Ideal for diverse activities, including food handling, beauty salon tasks, and routine household chores
    • Universally sized, they comfortably fit adults, youth, and the elderly
    • Pack of 100
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Disposable Sleeve Protector - Arm Oversleeves - Sleeves Covers - White - Pack of 100

    From R54,63 incl VAT excluding shipping equates to R0,55 per 1 unit
    • Suitable for nearly all adults, both women and men, this product is versatile and functional. Designed for single-use, these sleeves can be conveniently discarded after use
    • The cuffs are thoughtfully designed with elastic, making them easy to put on and remove
    • Elasticity at both ends ensures a snug fit on both hands and arms
    • Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight material, these sleeves offer comfort during kitchen activities
    • Pack of 100
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Glove - Wrist - Garden (OA750)

    From R33,81 incl VAT excluding shipping
    Palm Dipped Knit Wrist Garden Gloves most commonly used for gardening.

    Ladies Garden Gloves - Dotted - TOOG725

    From R23,00 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • Ideal for general handling activities
  • Contents: 2 gloves
  • Dotty design
  • Enhanced grip
  • Hand Protection

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