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    About us

    SupplyWise is the only local one stop online shopping system that offers an extensive portfolio of products linked to an integrated logistics and information management system.  We can therefore supply both small and large enterprises with a ‘basket’ of differentiated products, which can be aggregated and delivered to the customer as needed. 

    We are committed to providing the widest range of goods, sourced from the best and most reliable suppliers at the most competitive prices. 

    We offer a one stop shopping online system that is:

    • easy to use and convenient,
    • professional and ensures on time delivery,
    • linked to efficient delivery tracking,
    • backed by exceptional service, and
    • well-resourced with skilled staff to assist you as required.

    SupplyWise targets the following markets:

    • industrial and manufacturing,
    • motor industry,
    • medical and healthcare,
    • hospital,
    • facilities management,
    • construction,
    • mining,
    • education, and
    • services.

    Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations and assist them to build their businesses by providing them with the widest range of goods and products that are  reasonably priced and delivered on time.  Our exceptional service differentiates us from both traditional sales channels and other online platforms.  We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us.