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    Forestry Tools

    Forestry Tools

    Supplywise, South Africa’s leading online store supplying forestry tools products to the industrial, educational, hospitality, service, medical, mining, construction and retail sectors.

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    Picture of Axe - 1.8 Kg - Green Head [TOOH841]

    Axe - 1.8 Kg - Green Head [TOOH841]

    From R291,60 excluding VAT and shipping
  • For felling trees and branch tri mming
  • Extra long wooden handle for more power and easy wood preparation
  • Wooden handle
  • Used for outdoor cutting
  • Size of head 1.8 Kg
  • Picture of Hatchet - Wood Handle - 1Kg [TOOH838]

    Hatchet - Wood Handle - 1Kg [TOOH838]

    From R204,20 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Ideal for chopping or splitting firewood
  • Wooden handle hatchet
  • Used for outdoor cutting
  • Size of head: 1 Kg
  • Picture of Tomahawk [TOOT2532]

    Tomahawk [TOOT2532]

    From R121,60 excluding VAT and shipping
  • 3 in 1 Multi tool
  • Includes a swordfish type axe
  • Includes a ha mmer
  • Includes a nail remover