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    Panel Beating

    Panel Beating

    Body Repair Kit

    A body repair kit for panel beating is an indispensable asset in the automotive repair industry. Its significance lies in its ability to restore damaged vehicle panels to their original shape, ensuring both aesthetics and structural integrity. These kits typically include a variety of specialized tools, like hammers, dollies, and dent pullers, allowing for precise and efficient repair work. This not only improves the appearance of vehicles but also maintains safety by ensuring that structural components are in top condition.

    Car Restoration Tools

    Car restoration tools are invaluable in the realm of panel beating and automotive restoration. Their significance lies in their ability to repair and reshape damaged or deteriorated body panels, ensuring the preservation of automotive heritage. Whether it's dent removal, sanding, or welding equipment, these tools facilitate precision work, guaranteeing that vehicles not only look pristine but also maintain structural integrity.

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    Body Repair Kit - Porta Power - 10T - MCOJ973

    From R4 471,20 incl VAT excluding shipping
  • 135 mm stroke of ram
  • Minimum height: 358 mm
  • Includes: Pump and ram, spreader, flat base, rubber head, wedge head, 90º comb head, serrated saddle, male connector, ram toe, plunger toe, 100/250/455/685mm extension tubes
  • Variety of spreader accessories
  • Ideal for bending and straightening
  • Capacity: 10 Ton
  • Blow moulded case affords high protection to contents