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    Privacy notice

    Privacy Terms and Conditions

    • We will not sell your information to third parties.
    • We will only collect information that is required for the purchase.
    • We will use information within SupplyWise to assist us to offer you exceptional customer service, by providing information to you that is relevant, useful and of interest to you.
    • We collect personal information (name, email address, telephone number, address, etc) only for use in the sale.
    • We use this information to process the order, provide you with the goods or products, invoicing, communication with you, record keeping and for internal use.
    • We also need the information to further investigate any complaints and queries that you may have.
    • We may send you direct marketing for our goods and products being sold on SupplyWise unless you choose to opt-out of recnving such.
    • We will not provide our vendors with all your personal information.
    • We will share some information with third parties, where required e.g. in order to process payments, ordering of products and arranging for delivery.
    • We will not resell your personal information to other entities.
    • We will retain all information for as long as required, and comply with all data retention related acts enforced in South Africa.
    • We will erase unwanted personal information securely and carefully, as and when required.
    • We are not responsible for the privacy practices of our vendors (discuss with Alf – if we providing them with PI, we should ensure that vendors have the correct privacy policies and applications in place).
    • We use reasonable security methods to protect your information.  Karl to detail these here. (Internet standard encryption technology (“SSL“ or “Secure Socket Layer“ technology) to encode personal information that you send to us through our Websites.
    • Although every effort is taken to keep your information secure, we cannot guarantee that all transmission of information over the Internet is secure.