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    In 2016, the company registered the Staxx brand with a goal to mechanise manual material handling habits. Staxx strives to innovate, to constantly meet market demands and advance with an ever-changing society. Along this journey, Staxx has gained the trust and support from partners and customers around the world.

    Staxx is driven by three principles:

    1. Make your job easier. Staxx products aim to make the users' job easier. Its advanced internal management system ensures better service and collaboration for the dealers worldwide so as to provide optimal service levels for customers.
    2. Cooperation and win-win. Staxx years of experience shows that only through cooperation and a win-win attitude can business grow and flourish. We can develop only when our dealers grow bigger and stronger and able to provide superior customer service levels.
    3. People-oriented. Peoiple are the biggest asset. The development and success of the company is the result of workers, partners and customers efforts and commitment.