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    Lockout Devices

    Lockout Devices

    Lockout Station

    Lockout Stations are an essential component of a safe and secure work environment. They are intended to serve as a reminder to every member of the staff to lockout any energy-using machines before beginning any maintenance or repair work on those machines. These lockout stations have been designed with the intention of facilitating everyone's access to the isolation gear that they contain.

    Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

    The universal circuit breaker lockouts are designed for use with circuit breakers and include a hole for padlock attachment. This prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the device and removing it. The rounded edge design makes it simple to work around the majority of circuit breakers.

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    Lockout Station Complete - Safety Series - 55.8 x 4 x 39 cm - MA500137

    From R11 342,45 incl VAT excluding shipping
    • Safety series lockout station protects contents and is lockable to prevent loss of valuable products
    • Material: Plastic
    • Number of keys: 10
    • Includes: 10 x 410 Red Zenex Padlocks, 12 x 497A danger tags, 2 x 420 hasps
    • Keyed different
    • Resilient polycarbonate material provides twice the heat resistance
    • Resilient polycarbonate material provides quadruple the impact strength of typical stations
    • Dimensions: 558 (L) x 40mm (D) x 390 (H)mm
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Lockout Station Safety Tags - 14.5 x 8 cm - 12 Pack - Pack of 12 - MA500053

    From R649,75 incl VAT excluding shipping equates to R54,15 per 1 unit
    • Used with the lockout station and aid in the safe running and maintenance of site machinery
    • Tagout devices warn against hazardous conditions if the machine or equipment is energized
    • Pack of 12 lockout safety tags
    • Durable polyester laminate to resist water, grease and extreme temperatures
    • Prevents accidental removal
    • Size: 145 (H) x 80 (W)mm
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Safety Series Lockout Station Only - Holds 10 Locks - 59.6 x 11.4 x 39.3 cm - MA500133

    From R4 312,50 incl VAT excluding shipping
    • Safety series lockout station only
    • Large capacity lockout station holds departmental lockout needs
    • Unit is lockable for security
    • Material: Plastic
    • Capacity to hold 10 padlocks of your choice
    • Dimensions: 596 (L) x 114 (W) x 393 (H)mm
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout - MA500256

    From R524,40 incl VAT excluding shipping
    • Safety series universal circuit breaker lockout
    • Material: Steel
    • Dial is inaccessible in the locked position to prevent removal
    • Safety padlock can be applied horizontally or vertically
    • Durable thermoplastic material is chemical resistant
    • Dimensions: 25 (L) x 17 (W) x 30 (H)mm
    • Item delivery usually 3 - 6 working days

    Lockout Devices

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