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    Supplywise, South Africa’s leading online store supplying ladder accessories products to the industrial, educational, hospitality, service, medical, mining, construction and retail sectors.

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    Cable Roller and Safety Chain for Fibreglass Ladders [ZF-CR_SC]

    From R304,70 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Cable roller and safety chain for use with extension ladders
  • For Fibreglass ladders only
  • Replace your broken cable roller and safety chain to have your ladder work like new
  • Ladder Lock Complete for Extension Ladder - Aluminium [ZA-LL-SET]

    From R600,80 excluding VAT and shipping
  • This will ensure that the fly will not slide closed while climbing the ladder.
  • Also called extension locks, these are the parts that knock the fly section in place, preventing it from collapsing
  • Ladder Locks for Fibreglass Ladders [ZF-LLCS]

    From R604,60 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Locks the rise section into place once ladder is extended
  • Ladder locks for use with extension ladders
  • For Fibreglass ladders only
  • Replace your ladder locks to have your ladder work like new
  • Sold in a set
  • Paint Jug Attachment - 1.5L for Ladder [LA-PJ]

    From R94,30 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Paint jug fits securely onto the ladder
  • Freeing up your hands to climb up and down ladders
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Dimensions: 220 (L) x 150 (W) x 100 (H)mm
  • Pulley Wheel and Bracket Set for Extension Ladder - Aluminium [ZA-PWBSALU]

    From R112,80 excluding VAT and shipping
  • The pulley system is another very important part of an extension ladder
  • It allows the fly section to move up and down
  • To elevate the fly section, all you have to do is to simply pull the rope
  • Rope and Pulley Set for Fibreglass Ladders [ZA-PWBS]

    From R111,90 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Rope and pulley system kit, for use with extension ladders
  • For Fibreglass ladders only
  • Replace your broken pulley and update your old rope at the same time to have your ladder work like new
  • Rope for Extension Ladder - Aluminium [ZA-RP]

    From R33,50 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Replacement rope for extension ladders
  • Sold per 25m
  • Colour: white
  • Spiked Feet for Fibreglass Ladders - Heavy Duty [ZF-SF-1]

    From R123,80 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Spiked feet grip into the grass to secure the ladder firmly
  • Offer better traction on soft surfaces such as dirt or grass
  • Spiked feet for use with extension ladders
  • For Fibreglass ladders only
  • Utility Tray Attachment for Ladder [VERSI-TRAY]

    From R107,10 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Utility tray fits securely onto the ladder
  • Ideal for keeping your tools within reach
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Dimensions: 360 (L) x 200 (W) x 120 (H)mm
  • Wall Roller Wheel for Extension Ladder - Aluminium [ZA-WNY4]

    From R27,40 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Ladder wall wheels make it much easier to extend your ladder
  • Let it roll smoothly up the wall as you push, not stick in every depression
  • Simple, low cost and very effective
  • Supplied loose for you to fit